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Sally Leung

I have been practising as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) since 1994 and as a specialist in Autism/ASD and ADHD since 2004, including being the Lead SLT in this field for a London Borough. I have worked in close collaboration with the specialist Occupational Therapist and colleagues in CAMHS and Education.

I have extensive experience in conducting diagnostic assessments for ASD as part of Multi-Disciplinary specialist team. I have developed a range of new therapy approaches and packages for children with ASD and ADHD and I have provided training to families, other SLT’s and colleagues from various professions. I have training in, and regularly use, a wide range of assessment and intervention approaches including Intensive Interaction, PECS, EarlyBird and SCERTS. I have also trained in Sensory Integration (SI) and worked in collaboration with SI-qualified Occupational Therapists to provide integrated therapy for children with ASD and ADHD. After a long and interesting career in the NHS, I am now in Independent Practice.