Specialist Psychology and Psychiatry
helping you to solve the problem or learn to live alongside it.

Providing Psychological Therapy

Our Therapists will ask to meet someone on a regular basis at first to discuss and develop an understanding of the difficulties being experienced. Aims for therapy will be discussed early on along with finding a way to measure whether aims are being met.
A major element of effective therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the person attending therapy. Because this is so important, we measure this regularly and work to improve this each time.
Reviews. We will suggest and plan regular reviews as therapy progresses, combining both a person’s views on whether therapy is ‘spot on’ or not as well as individual and well validated measures.
We encourage an individual to record their sessions so that they can listen again.

Writing Reports for Employers, Doctors or Solicitors

We do not offer an expert witness service which means we do not provide assessments for the purpose of going to court.
We do offer a report writing service for the purpose of enabling a person to communicate with employers or solicitors about their therapy or about their difficulties if that would be helpful. Employers often ask us to provide therapy for an individual to help them to return to work.

Individual Psychological Therapy

We see individuals from the age of eight years and are happy to be contacted directly by families or individuals themselves. We often receive referrals from GPs or from medical consultants and other professionals and the added information this provides us can be helpful.

Psychological Assessment and Report

This often involves only one or two meetings and is focused on developing a shared understanding with someone which they are happy to have passed on to an employer or school or somewhere else. This might include an assessment of an employee’s needs if they are stressed, or an assessment of cognitive ability for a child in school, or an assessment prior to surgery.
Liaison with Schools, Employers, GPs and Others – it can be important to help or teach others about an individual and how best to support them. We are happy to discuss who you would like us to liaise with on your behalf.
Our fees for the above are between £90 and £120 per hour and are laid out in full in our Terms and Conditions Document (Please add a link here to the document which will also be in downloads).

Free Educational Events

We provide a range of seminars and educational events for the public and medical staff. These are aimed at increasing understanding of particular human problems and will use up to date research and clinical experience. Please see ‘Events’ for up to date news.

Training Workshops for Clients

We provide a range of training workshops for clients including ‘Understanding and Working with Pain’ and ‘Understanding Memory Problems.’ These workshops are usually offered in a series of meetings and are aimed at individuals and family members, offering detailed understandings and specific skills and include homework options between sessions. There is a charge for these workshops. Please see our events page for more information.

Training Workshops for Therapists

We regularly offer training to therapists, both utilising our own skills within the practice and bringing in experts from across the country to help to keep us up to date with new research and methods. There is a charge for these workshops. Please see our events page for more information.

Supervision for Therapists

We offer a range of supervision options for Therapists in practice. We can offer on-going specialist clinical supervision in a number of areas. Please enquire in person to discuss your requirements.