We are keen to welcome a new Psychologist with experience of working with young people, to the team.

Please contact Dr. Steve Holmes on steve@thesalisburypractice.co.uk

Services for Children & Young Adults

Services for Young People and Families:

“The mental health of our children must be seen as every bit as important as their physical health.” Kate Middleton

Our team have offered over 900 appointments to children and their families since the start of 2020. Understandably requests have increased this year. Most of these young people were experiencing anxiety and many also struggled with low mood, eating, weight and shape concerns, self harm, grief and distressing physical difficulties.
We offer young people and families support, understanding and expertise in managing difficulty.

Choosing the right Professional at the start:

Every young person and situation is unique. Decisions about an initial appointment are made in discussion with you. We listen carefully to your experience, find out your wishes and add our knowledge of what and who has been shown to work most effectively for specific difficulties or situations.

Depending on the person, their situation and their preferences, seeing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to explore triggers along with tools and coping strategies may be really helpful. Alternatively, a Clinical Psychologist who can consider the young person’s context, their personal and specific neurological strengths and differences (e.g. ASD/ADHD) offer a range of talking therapies or provide support for the network around the young person including families and schools might be the best start. Meeting a Psychiatrist may be important if there are perhaps physical health or developmental factors affecting how they are feeling or if medicine might be a helpful starting point. Seeing a Counsellor who offers space to talk things through and an opportunity to explore personal strengths may be the best option. We can help you to consider the options and make a well thought out plan from the start.

Our team will work together in supporting a young person, if necessary joint working where needed, to offer multi layered support. We can liaise with other agencies such as school and college when helpful and with permission.

Please see this list of online support.