We now offer Couples/Family Therapy from our offices in Salisbury and Stockbridge.

Services for Adults

‘Around half of adults in the UK believe that, in their lifetime, they have had a diagnosable mental health problem’ (2014 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey).

All human beings experience difficulties at points in their lives. Many of us find ourselves temporarily caught up in upsetting emotions such as anxiety, fear, low mood, sadness, frustration, anger or grief. A large number of us will be given a mental health diagnosis and may have experienced significant difficulties over time. We offer confidential support and expertise in understanding, changing and coping with all of the above, both through talking therapies and medical support.

Psychiatry, Psychology, CBT, Family Therapy, Counselling?

What’s the difference? Talking with one of our senior Practitioners on the phone may help you to consider which of our self employed practitioners is likely to be the best choice for you. They will listen carefully to your wishes and preferences about who you see, to your explanation of the difficulties you are experiencing, and ask about your availability for appointments. Through discussion, you can arrive at a carefully thought out plan together.

Urgent Appointments

We will always do our best to offer an initial appointment swiftly and to ensure that on-going appointments are as often as you need and want them. However, we are not able to offer emergency appointments as we do not have an ‘out of hours’ team. If you need urgent assistance or emergency help please do telephone 111 (urgent medical assistance) or 999 for emergency help.