Specialist Psychology and Psychiatry
helping you to solve the problem or learn to live alongside it.

Psychological Services:

The main focus of our work is offering individuals support, understanding, techniques and expertise in managing difficulty. We are experienced in working with a very wide variety of issues but also offer unique special skills in areas including; longstanding physical pain, the consequences of trauma, depression, anxiety, difficulties associated with aging, memory difficulties and eating and weight issues.

Each of our therapists has many years of experience and have held senior positions in their field. We share the understanding that both expertise and personal attributes are vital in a good therapist and our practice reflects this focus. Details of each of our therapy team can be found in our ‘meet the team’ section.

Psychiatry Services:

Dr. Redwan El-Khayat, Consultant Psychiatrist, is a Medical doctor as well as a trained and accredited Psychotherapist. Our Psychiatric service provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to mental health difficulties.  Psychiatrist and patient work together to decide the best comprehensive treatment path, keeping patient choice as a central guiding tenet. Treatment options include 1) Psychiatric (medical) approach using medication to help alleviate symptoms and treat illness, 2) Psychotherapy approach with either our Consultant Psychiatrist or one of the team of Psychological therapists, or 3) a combination of the two (Medication + Psychotherapy). The service we provide is personalised to the individual’s situation, whether it be long-term or short-term.

We offer assessment and management in the field of General Adult Psychiatry: severe chronic and complicated depression, bipolar affective disorder, psychoses, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia and agoraphobia, psychosomatic and somatisation disorders, alcohol and substance misuse. Dr. El-Khayat also has a special interest and many years’ experience in chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. El-Khayat holds appointments at The Salisbury Practice several days of the week, with some day time and evening/weekend appointments, aiming to offer availability and flexibility to patients whenever possible. (However, as with all of the team at The Salisbury Practice, we do not provide a 24 hour or emergency service).

To request an appointment with Dr. El-Khayat, please telephone The Salisbury Practice on 01722 324343 or alternatively, email info@drsteveholmes.co.uk

Report Writing:

We are happy to offer formal and informal written reports on request. These may be requested on your behalf by your employer, or by another clinician for example.

We do not offer an expert witness service. This means we do not write reports for the purpose of providing evidence for a court hearing.