Specialist Psychology and Psychiatry
helping you to solve the problem or learn to live alongside it.

Services for Young People and Families:

Our main focus is to offer young people support, understanding and expertise in managing difficulty. Our Specialist Therapists  Dr. Dominique Mossman, Dr Katie Adolphus, Dr. Mark Wylie, Dr. Sharon McKinnon and Andrew Lewis-Smith are very experienced in working with a wide range of issues which affect young people including behavioural problems, eating problems, self harm, anxiety, the consequences of trauma, low mood, self esteem, Aspergers and autistic spectrum related difficulties. Read more about the Therapists in our ‘meet the team’ section. When necessary, they work well alongside a medical colleague (a Psychiatrist for example).

Initial Assessment of the Problems (and plus points too):

All of our work begins with an initial meeting and an attempt to gather all the relevant information in order to understand the young person and their situation well. Both the young person and their family are asked for their views and experiences and what they consider to be the main difficulties being experienced. This information is then used to make a plan for therapy – where best to start and how to map progress as work goes on. Subsequent sessions are aimed at helping the family or the young person to change their situation or to find ways of coping more comfortably with it. Sessions are often an hour long but are tailored to suit the needs of the child or young adult. They usually take place in our offices in central Salisbury, but where necessary, meetings can take place in alternative venues, depending on the therapy plan agreed. Our approach and aim is to be open about the work we do. Where possible, the aim is to share information with important people such as relevant family members and school.

Autism Assessment @ The Salisbury Practice

Are you a parent with concerns about how your child plays, communicates or gets on with others?  Do you have concerns about your child’s attention and concentration and behaviour?  Have you always felt that your child is somehow different you can’t quite put your finger on the cause?  Have School or Nursery raised concerns about how your child is doing socially?  If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be interested in the NEW service being offered at The Salisbury Practice.

Autism Spectrum @ The Salisbury Practice is a NEW Service for Children, Young People and Adults where there are concerns that they may have Social Communication Difficulties or an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  We offer a comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Assessment following guidelines laid down by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).  The assessments are carried out by Dr Katie Adolphus, Clinical Psychologist or Dr. Sharon McKinnon, Clinical Psychologist and Sally Leung, Speech and Language Therapist all of whom have extensive experience and expertise in the field.  Please click on the ‘About Us’ link to find out more.
Noticing differences about your child’s development can be very concerning and working out what to do about it can be daunting.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a non-obligation conversation about your concerns and whether our service is right for you.  An Information Sheet detailing our Assessment Process is available – please contact our Admin Team on 01722 324343. For further information please read FAQs.