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Support Whilst Social Distancing

Coping with difficult feelings;

Whilst we will all have times when we cope well there may also be difficult times and for those moments, we offer an imagery exercise here which we have also narrated below so that you can spend a few minutes practicing. Construct a safe place.  We hope you might find that helps you to find a sense of calm when it’s needed.  Once we’ve restored some calm, we can find it easier to use the additional resources mentioned below


General helpful resources;

There are many resources available across the web for supporting mental health whilst in isolation during this pandemic.  We have shared some of those we find useful below and we hope you might find them helpful too.

Thanks to Dr. Mary Mitchell and her colleagues for this document from Psychology Tools Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty.

Understanding ourselves at this time; Dr. Fiona Kennedy offers her thoughts in this brief video on how our feelings can change on a day to day or even moment to moment basis and how we might increase our feelings of kindness towards ourselves and others as we all try to cope in different ways.  

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